Club Penguin Frozen Fever Party 2016 Guide

It's the party that not everyone has looked forward to, but it's here anyways. The Frozen Fever Party is back on the island now for the second year in a row (3rd year in a row for a Frozen themed party) and this year's party is a carbon copy of last year's. Except, Club Penguin did remove Elsa's Palace and we won't be able to collect a bunch of pins at the Dock.

Penguin of the Week: Shy One2

Megg postponed the Penguin of the Week to one day later this week and we have Shy One2 as this week's Penguin of the Week! Shy One2 was nominated by a LOT of people and they all said a lot about their good friend. What all of her friends mostly said was how nice she is and how she adores Club Penguin to much. Here's the full post from Megg:

Hi, penguins!

Shy One2 was nominated to be Penguin of the Week by, Blueicebear1, Only Kat, Nana7533, Motos Gran, Kat Here1, Blueicegram, Lily Beetle and Cheese Fish3!

Here is their nomination:

"Congratulations Libbyxx1! I would like to put in Shy One2 for POTW. She is always happy and kind to anyone she meets. She wears fun outfits and makes fun igloos to play in. She is here almost every day and supports the entire community. Please consider here for this, she really deserves it."

"Congratz to Libbyxx1! Once again I nominate Shy One2 for POTW. She is fun, friendly, caring, creative and amazing. She welcomes everyone into her awesome igloos which are so much fun to role play in. I have know her for a long time and she would make an incredible POTW. Plz surprise her with this"

"I nominate Shy One2 for POTW. She is a great peng and has been my friend for a long time. She makes great fun igloos and welcomes everyone to join her. She loves the cp community and is just the happiest peng I have meant on cp. When you meet her she says, "I am happy" Let her be the next POTW"

"Congratz to Libbyxx1! Please pick Shy One2 for the next POTW. She is an awesome and deserving peng. She loves cp and plays whenever she can. I have known her for a long time and she is just so friendly and kind. She makes great and fun igloos also. Pick her please. She would be so surprised :D"

"Congratz Libbyxx1! I nominated my good friend and a wonderful penguin, Shy One2. She is an amazing member of the cp community. She is friendly, fun, creative, and welcoming to all. Please pick her. She deserves it as much as any other penguin. She is quiet here and has no blog but she is good."

"Congratz to Libby! I'd like to nominate a wonderful penguin Shy One2 for POTW. She is one of the happiest and kindest penguins I know. Her igloos are always amazing and give visitors a chance to interact and play. She comes almost every day to support the community. Please consider her for this!"

"i would like to see shy one2 become potw cos she really does belong with the other POTW players this is why
Super duper special friend
You cant miss seeing her igloos
Open for everyone to visit
Never mean
Extra special style
2 much fun
You are a bff to everyone
She really deserves this"

"Congratulations libby. I would love to see my very good friend Shy one2 be POTW. She is a very kind and caring penguin, has great style and welcomes everyone to her AMAZING IGLOOS. You should see her latest igloo – Hogwarts. She is also here almost every day, she is a loyal cp player. Vote Shy one2"

SPECIAL Merchandise Monday: The Club Penguin App v.1.1 Pin

We are here with another special Merchandise Monday. We will have plenty of these special editions for at least 3 months. Today we have something very different. It's difficult to obtain this, but we managed to get our hands on a real life Club Penguin pin for Club Penguin's own app. Each time a major version of the app would release, Club Penguin would make a pin for it. This signifies the importance of the update.

We have version 1.1 today as our featured merchandise!

What Should We Expect for the Rest of 2016?

The first half of 2016 is not what most people expected. Project Super Secret has been the most talked about topic in 2016 and so far we haven't been able to see much of it. Also, parties have been expanded to 6-8 weeks instead of the traditional 2 weeks. That led to a biweekly update system instead of the weekly we all enjoyed so much. So many changes, but it's not the change we were expecting at all.

In Case You Missed It: Top Stories from This Week 8/13-8/20

Another extremely busy week of Club Penguin news and it all started with the confirmation of the Music Jam. Megg confirmed that not only would be Music Jam officially be coming in November, but Penguin Band would be there as well. Also, Megg told us that the Marvel items that were suppose to come in November, would not be coming after all. Lastly, the Frozen Fever Party is now on the island.