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Club Penguin Halloween Party 2016 Full Guide

The 2016 Halloween Party has arrived on the island and early this year! It is the first time in Club Penguin history a Halloween Party will be starting in September. The prime reason is for Club Penguin preparing for Project Super Secret and need more time. Anyways, the party this year is much like 2015's. In fact, every single room is the same. However, Club Penguin did recreate a scavenger hunt and added new items to this year's. Below we have a full guide to this year's spooky Halloween Party!

Club Penguin Halloween Party 2016 Homepage

The Halloween Party has hit the island for the 12th year in a row. This year's Halloween Party HAS to be showcased on the homepage to show the spirit Club Penguin is in for October. This time around, Club Penguin did an great job with the new homepage for this month's party. Take a look:

THE LAST Project: Super Secret Sneak Peek - The First Penguin Artists

At the end of each month, Megg promised a Project Super Secret sneak peek, and today is the day. Today's sneak peek is a bit confusing. Already you'll notice at the top of this post there is a sneak peek. Megg linked it with the header of the post. Although it doesn't reveal much, it shows you one of the rooms for Project Super Secret at least. Most importantly, this will be the last Project Super Secret Sneak Peek. Megg's title for the image reads "PSST_ThisIsTheLastPSSSneakPeek" which means we are only getting closer to BETA TESTING! (YAYY!!!)

Halloween Party 2016: Gary Meet-Up Times (Part 1)

Gary was confirmed to be the next mascot to visit the island a while ago. Now that the Halloween Party is here, the meetup times for Gary have been posted. A few highlights to point out is Club Penguin put a meetup on EVERY single day of the week. So, if you can't make it one day, you can always try the next! Also, the times either go 3 PM or 10 AM so you get choose a morning or afternoon meetup. 

No Bakery at the Holiday Party for the Fourth Year in a Row

During a Megg Monday, there was some information released about the Bakery on Club Penguin. In 2012 Club Penguin brought a bakery onto the island to help with Coins for Change and just to purely have fun with. It was wildly successful and hasn't returned it. During this meetup someone asked Megg if it would return and she said it will not be. Take a look: